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A Cool Tech Tool to adjust Text

Have you ever found yourself planning a lesson with a text that contains the perfect content only to find that the lexile or F&P level is way to far above or below your student’s level?   Have you ever found that perfect article that fits the reading level for part of your class but are struggling to find a similar text for other levels of readers?  This week I ran across a website from a twitter post that can help teachers with these problems;  REWORDIFY (  

REWORDIFY is a site which modifies text to adjust the reading level.  Teachers can copy and paste text and it will automatically adjust the text to be easier or more difficult (you choose in the settings).  Once you copy and paste the text in the changes are highlighted in yellow.  If you want to see what word it replace you simply click on the highlighting and it will show you the original text. 

In addition to being able to modify text teachers can set up a free account and post articles in this website.  Students can then “learn” more difficult words by hearing the difficult words, seeing definitions as well as synonyms.  This website will even track the number of words students have learned over time.

So, if you have a great text but need to adjust the level, be sure to check out REWORDIFY!