Reveal a Graph Routine

I love to use routines to jump start my math lessons in all grades PK-5.  I find that they are a great way to spiral back to topics as well as to reactivate prior knowledge before students explore new concepts.

A couple of years ago I watched a Dan Meyer video were he talked about getting kids interested in math by building a little suspense.  One suggestion he had was to give students a graph that was missing some information and then slowly bring back the information BEFORE giving them a question (or even better yet, letting kids come up with their own questions)!  As soon as I heard him talk about this idea, I was intrigued!

The routine is structured around a google slide show.  Basically you open up a google slide and the question are already on the screen to help guide you through this 10-15 minute routine.

Here is a screen cast I made to explain how the routine works:

If you are curious and intrigued then try out some Reveal a Graph routines!

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!