Number Chart Routines

Read my original post (which includes a video) about the  Number Chart Routine here!

Here is the link to all of these electronic routines:  Number Chart Routines Folder.

Here is a link to the Fraction Number Charts:  Fraction Number Chart Routines Folder.

Directions to use this Routine

  • Click the present button .
  • Click on a box 2 times to expose a few anchor numbers (2-4 numbers) to help students begin to reason about the other covered numbers.
  • Click on several more boxes 1 time to turn them white. These are the numbers that you want students to determine using their reasoning and problem solving skills.
  • First ask students to NOTICE and WONDER about the anchor numbers they see.
  • Have students determine the numbers that are covered and EXPLAIN their reasoning.
  • Be sure to have students turn and talk, occasionally to think collaboratively before sharing out whole group.
  • As an option, you can play the Number Chart Game where students have to determine the other covered numbers. Each team gets a point for each correctly determined number and the opponent gets a point for the incorrect numbers. You can play teacher against class, part of the class against another part, etc…