3 Act Math Lessons

What is a….. Three Act Math Lesson?

Three Act Math Lessons were first introduced by Dan Meyer, Math Teacher. Three Act Math Lessons are designed to grab student’s attention and peak their curiosity so they will want to “do some math”.

Three Act Lesson Overview

This sheet is a short explanation of three act lessons complete with links to more resources.

Learn more about 3 act lessons from this Dan Meyer Video.

Here are some Graphic Organizers for 3 Act Lessons.

Rubrics are also helpful when having assessing thinking through 3 Act lessons and having students evaluate themselves.  It is not necessary to use an entire rubric for one lesson.  You might choose to focus on how students are communicating their thinking only in a lesson.

I have created my own 3 act lessons as well as borrowing and modifying 3 act lessons from other math educators.  Some of the 3 Act lessons that I have in my archive are from Graham Fletcher, Andrew Stadel and Dan MeyerOntario also has 3 Act lessons for grades 3 and up.  Right now, the Ontario 3 Act lessons are NOT included in my files that are linked below.

If I am looking to create a new 3 act lesson I will often visit Dan Meyer’s 101qs website for inspiration and ideas.

For PK-2 Math 3 Act Lessons follow this PK-2 link.

For Gr. 3-5 Math 3 Act Lessons follow this GR 3-5 link.