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Five Nifty Tools for Teachers

This week while listening to my favorite 30 minute podcast…The Google Teacher Tribe, I was introduced to a new 30 minute podcast titled Shukes and Giff The Podcast.  As a tech nerd both of these ed tech podcasts are just what I need keep my mind busy on my morning commute.   Shukes and Giff is a new podcast with only 5 episodes so far (up to April 18, 2018).  The Google Teacher Tribe focuses on the Google Platform while Shukes and Giff goes into all types of educational tech products.  So, by listening to both podcasts I get lots of new ideas each week.  All of the things I am about to share here came from one of these podcasts this week.

Are you tab crazy??? If you have been near my computer you know that I often in excess of 20 tabs open….GASP…I know, it’s aweful!!!   If you too are “tab happy” then you need to download the free the  Google Chrome Extension called TOBY.   This morning after I heard about TOBY I knew this was the solution for me!  This extension allows you to save a collection of tabs that you can open with one click!  So, the first collection I created was my Daily Work Tabs – these are the essentials that I need everyday; my webmail, google drive, google calendar, my work log, and our school portal.  So, if I don’t need these tabs now I can close them because with one click they all come back!  The podcast suggested that if you teach multiple classes or multiple grades you could create a collection for each that would make it simple to open all he tabs for that class or grade by clicking the collection instead of having to open multiple tabs individually.    Once you install TOBY on your devices and create a login, your collections will sync across all of your devices!!  (WooHoo!)

The second nifty tech tool that Shukes and Giff talked about was the Noisli website.    If you like to have some background noise going while students are working this free web app is for you!  This site allows you are play and mix “white noise” .  You can choose from many different types of white noise (rain, different types of water, leaves, trains, fans, etc…), adjust the volume,  mix several sounds together, save your sounds, and even set a timer.  This free site might just be a nice edition to help your students focus.

The last three nifty tips I learned today that I would like to share are all for Google Drive users.  The first is a shortcut to change the view of your drive from grid to list form.  Instead of clicking the grid or list button in the upper right hand corner, just hit the v key while in your drive.  Each time you hit the v key the view will change.

There are many, many, many google shortcut keys.  Most of us are not familiar with many of them but they are easy to find.  In any google application you can press the ? key (shift ? key) and a box will pop up with all of the shortcut keys for that particular google app.  How cool is that????

The last nifty tip I wanted to share was that you can have a file in multiple (yes, I said multiple) places in your drive without making a copy!  That means that if you make a change on the file in one location it will change it in all the folders where the document is located!  This sort of reminds me of when we used to make an alias with our office documents.  All you have to do is click on a file and then press SHIFT-Z.  Next a box will pop up for you to decide the additional location you want to put the file in.  Notice it does not say “move here”.  This is HUGE for me.  Often times we create lessons or units that cross subjects.  Now I can put it in all of the different subject folders that it applies to.  Or…if you want to share something in your team folder but you also want to have it in your drive…use shift-z and you can have it in both places!

I hope you will check out one or a couple of these nifty tools!  All of them are fairly simple and FREE!