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Need to jump start your math the day after the Super Bowl? Then read this…

I’m sure if your reading this then either the Super Bowl is over and your are waiting for This is Us to come on or… you are passing time during the commercials surfing your ipad!  If you are like me…I’m always in search of a way to get my students “into learning” after a late night watching the Super Bowl by incorporating some of the game into our learning.

I have created a new math routine called, Reveal a Graph to help teach students how to really “read” graphs and data and peak their interest in numbers and math.  Tonight I created 2 additional Reveal a Graph routines that incorporate the Super Bowl.

The concept behind my routine comes from a Dan Meyer video I watched on ways to get kids really engaged in mathematics.  Dan suggested taking a graph, covering parts of the graph and having students notice and wonder with it before giving them the entire graph and a question.

In my 22 years of teaching I have noticed that students do not really “read” graphs.  They simply read the question and start searching for the answer.  This routine will force your students to really “read” all the information on the graph and think about it before answering a question.  Better yet…with each routine I ask kids to come up with questions they can ask and answer about the graph BEFORE I give them a question.  Most of the time my kids will come up with the question I was going to ask without me even posing it!

Know that these graphs can be used across the grade levels as long as your students can understand the information in the graph.  I am often intrigued to hear how the responses differ when I use the same graph with students in primary grades and then use the same graph in the upper grades!

So…if I have peaked your curiosity go to my Reveal a Graph Routine page to watch my short video and access the files.

PS… Here is a direct link to the the 1st Super Bowl Reveal a Graph and the 2nd Reveal a Graph that includes the Super Bowl!